It may be one thing to notice a bee or wasp nest outside your home, but it is quite another to find out that these pests have gotten themselves into the home itself.

In general, some types of bees like bumble bees will not begin to nest inside the walls of a house. In most instances, the homeowner can rule them out as the pest that is causing an inside infestation. This is not always a hard and fast rule, however. These bees do not mind finding a home within insulation that may be in between your inner and outer walls.

They also can find it tempting to make a home out of any foam or seat cushions, so if you have any of these furnishings stored indoors you may want to remove them to a shed farther from the home to put your mind at ease. Remember, with bumble bees they usually will not bother you unless you provoke them. If you have any concerns, contact your local bee removal company for more help.

Types of bees that you might find inside your walls include honeybees. These will seek out the comfort that they can find inside wall cavities. How can you tell if these bees have made it inside your walls?

If your home is an older home without insulation, you have a good lead as to whether or not they are the culprits. Also, if you see them flying from outdoors towards the home where the nest is it is almost a sure sign that they are the pests behind your walls. This type of behavior often occurs during the spring and summer months. Contact your bee removalist for more help and let them know why you believe you have a honeybee infestation inside your home’s walls.

Another sign that bees have made a nest inside your walls is a popping sound. If you notice what sounds like intermittent pops or snaps when you are indoors near a window, that is often the sign of eggs hatching.

Yellow jackets find comfort in building nests in holes inside walls. Many people think that once they find a hole and the telltale sign of yellow jackets flying in, out or around the hole, they can fix the problem by patching up the hole. Often, they will also use a commercially available pest spray to kill them first.

This can be a sufficient way to get rid of the pests. However, whenever you notice or suspect that you have bees inside your walls from the sights and sounds around your home, your best choice is to stay away. Call your local bee removal professionals to get the situation evaluated.

For your home’s sake as well as your family’s safety, you should let the professionals tell you how to handle the situation. Knowing how to spot bees in your home’s walls will help you explain the problem to them so they can more readily take care of getting rid of the pests for you.